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Food Risk Analysis Methodologies

Róna-Tas Ákos

Róna-Tas Ákos
Associate Researcher
University of California, San Diego
Dept of Sociology

Fields of Specialization
Economic Sociology, Uncertainty and Risk, Rational Choice Theory, Comparative Social Stratification, Survey Research, Methodology

Associate Professor of Sociology

University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Dr.

La Jolla, CA


phone: 858-534-4699


Selected Publications

Dhanjal C., Blanchemanche S., Clémençon S., Rona-Tas A., Rossi F., 2011. Dissemination of Heath Information within Social Networks, In : Vedres B. (ed.), The Unexpected Link: Using Network Science to Tackle Social Problems, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

The Role of Ratings in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: The Art of Corporate and the Science of Consumer Credit Rating, with Stefanie Hiss, in Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 2010, V30A. (In press)

Consumer Credit and Society in Transition Countries, In Victor Perez Diaz ed. Markets and Civil Society, Berghan Books, New York 2008.

The Three Modalities of Rationality and Their Contradictions in Post-Communist Consumer Credit Markets, In Jens Beckert, Rainer Diaz-Bone and Heiner Ganssmann eds. Märkte als soziale Strukturen. Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/New York 2007.

The Invisible Science of the Invisible Hand: The Public Presence of Economic Sociology in the USA (with Nadav Gabay) Socio-Economic Review, 2007, V5(N2) pp. 334-355

Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment in Transition Economies (with Matild Sagi), Research in the Sociology of Work, 2005, V105.

Uncertainty, Risk and Trust: Russian and American Credit Card Markets Compared (With Alya Guseva.) American Sociological Review, 2001, V66(N5) pp. 623-646. Reprinted in New Developments in Economic Sociology, ed. by Richard Swedberg, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar 2005.

Great Surprise of the Small Transformation: Demise of Communism and Rise of the Private Sector in Hungary. Ann Arbor, Mi.: The University of Michigan Press, 1997


1990 Ph.D. Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Thesis title: The Second Economy in Hungary: The Social Origins of the End of State Socialism

1986 M.A. in Sociology, Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest