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Unité de Virologie et Immunologie Moléculaires

Team members

Head: Stéphane Biacchesi, CR1, HDR

From left to right:

Stéphane Biacchesi, CR1
Emilie Mérour, AI
Julie Bernard, TR
Annie Lamoureux, TR
Laury Baillon, AI, CDD
Rémi Pereira, AI, CDD
Michel Brémont, DR1, Editeur en chef de Veterinary Research

Former Members of the Team:

Ronan Rouxel, Post-Doc (GSK Belgique)
Blanca Chinchilla, Visiting PhD (Espagne)
Andrea Rivas-Aravena, Visiting Scientist (Chili)
Sandra Souto, Visiting PhD (Espagne)
Angella Nzonza, PhD (Sanofi Pasteur France)
Anders Stegmann, Visiting PhD (Danemark)
Ingrid Skjaeveland, Visiting Post-Doc (Norvège)
Abdallah Harmache, Post-Doc (IR INRA France)
Coralie Moriette, PhD (Parexel France)
Carolina Tafalla, Post-Doc Marie Curie (CISA-INIA Espagne)
Maria-Isabel Thoulouze, CR (Institut Pasteur France)
Stéphane Villoing, PhD (MSD Animal Health Norvège)