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GABI : Génétique Animale et Biologie IntégrativeUnité Mixte de Recherche INRA - AgroParisTech

Strengthening synergies around major genetic programs and Integrative Biology

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GABI's research objectives are aimed at improving our understanding of genetic variability of biological functions and developing methods and tools for genetic improvement and preservation of animal populations.

Scientific Topics

Characterizing and Using Genetic Variability

  • Studying the Biology of the functions associated with traits for adaptation, health, production, development.
  • Improving knowledge on animal genomes: how genomes are organized, how they evolve, how expression is regulated.
  • Promoting an efficient and sustainable breeding

The unit relies on interdisciplinary expertise in genetics, genomics, biostatistics and biology. Our activities begin with acquiring new knowledge through methodological innovation and transfer to the field.

Research Priorities

Genetic Variability and Trait Variability

Phenotyping of animals and their products, genetic architecture of traits, identification of causal variations, Functional analysis of identified polymorphisms.

Dynamics of Genes, Genomes and Populations

The organisation and regulation of genomes and epigenomes, the stud of microbiomes, characterization and management of animal genetic resources, genetics-genomics of populations and the landscape.

Prediction of performances

Prediction of trait transmission over generations (genetic improvement, genomic selection), (prediction of phenotypes during an individual's life (search for biomarkers that characterize physiological state or response to disturbances).


This research axe is cross-cutting, contributing to each of the other research axes while developing its own research methodology on the transmission of traits (statistical genetics), evolution of allelic and haplotypic frequencies, and Systems Biology.