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INRA Quality Management System is certified for bovine genetic evaluation activity

Since 2006, the Quality Management System of the Animal Genetics division, including both GABI and CTIG, has been certified ISO9001 for bovine genetic evaluations.

ISO 9001-2008 certification

• The quality management system of the Animal Genetics division activities relating to bovine genetic evaluations are ISO9001 certified : "CARRYING OUT OF OFFICIAL GENETIC CATTLE EVALUATIONS IN FARMS: FROM DATA MANAGEMENT TO COMPLETION."

• This certification is based on tools developed to improve our collaborative work. These tools are controlled and improved through procedures for the management of documents, recordings and non-compliant practices, corrective and preventive actions, and internal audits assessing quality.

The Animal Genetics division is committed to the following:

  • Technical quality of our services
  • Improving communication with our clients
  • Capacity to offer a complete integrated solution, from data storage to genetic evaluation
  • Continous search for technological excellence in "Genetic Evaluation" activities

Our organisation involves four functional processes:

  • EVOLUTION OF BOVINE GENETIC EVALUATION SOFTWARE: creation of new chains for genetic evaluation, development of new statistical methods and modification of the existing ones.
  • PERFORMANCE OF BOVINE GENETIC EVALUATIONS: calculation of official French breeding values, for breeding organisations and breeders.
  • MANAGEMENT AND VALORISATION OF THE GENETIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (SIG): input into national databases according to genetic evaluation and community needs, exchanging information among regional computing sites and making this information available to national users.
  • MAKING COMPUTING TOOLS AVAILABLE: access is given to calculation servers, software and databases to the staff of the Institut d'Elevage (French Breeding Institute) and other customers so that they fulfil their role as defined in the Agricultural Framework Act (LOA) within the framework of genetic evaluations.

and three supporting processes:

  • MANAGEMENT OF COMPUTING INFRASTRUCTURES, i.e. servers (hardware and software), data storage solutions, networks, telecommunications and environment.
  • SECURING AND OPTIMISING COMPUTING PRODUCTION, i.e. access and data security, management of production environments.
  • MANAGEMENT AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, i.e. internal and external audits, process and direction reviews, corrective actions, etc... These procedures organize and drive all the activities towards satisfying all of our clients' expectations.

The ISO 9001 certificat was renewed the 17/4/2018 under number 2006/26207.5