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Recent publications

Boushaba N, Boujenane I, Moazami-Goudarzi K, Flori L, Saïdi-Mehtar N, Tabet-Aoul N, Laloë D. 2018. Genetic diversity and relationships among six local cattle populations in semi-arid areas assessed by a bovine medium-density single nucleotide polymorphism data. Animal, early print

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Rochus CM, Tortereau F, Plisson-Petit F, Restoux G, Moreno-Romieux C, Tosser-Klopp G, Servin B. 2018. Revealing the selection history of adaptive loci using genome-wide scans for selection: an example from domestic sheep. BMC Genomics. 19, 71.

Verrier ER, Genet C, Laloë D, Jaffrezic F, Rau A, Esquerre D, Dechamp N, Ciobotaru C, Hervet H, Krieg F, Jouneau L, Klopp C, Quillet E, Boudinot P. 2018.  Genetic and transcriptomic analyses provide new insights on the early antiviral response to VHSV in resistant and susceptible rainbow trout. BMC Genomics. in press.

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Previous publications

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