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Support for animal selection

Partnerships with the livestock breeding industry are very old and have been based on the Livestock Act (1966). Until 2018, GABI carried out the genetic evaluation mission of bovine and equine breeding stock. It provides expertise to the Ministry of Agriculture, the CNAG and its various committees and working groups. This long-standing collaboration has led to a partnership of trust, which has been largely renewed in its structures and approaches.

Following the Agricultural Orientation Act of 2006 and until 2018, INRA and GABI kept their main missions but strongly renewed their partnership within the Genetic Interprofession for Ruminants "France Génétique Elevage" (FGE). The eBIS Joint Technology Unit (UMT) in association with Idele and Allice was renewed in 2017 by the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of population management and bovine genomic evaluation. In horses, part of the work is carried out with the Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation (IFCE). On the poultry and aquaculture side, SYSAAF is a central partner, bringing together the network of SMEs in these sectors. Finally, GABI maintains important links with the Pork Institute (IFIP).

These lasting collaborations with animal selection professionals exceed by far the field of genetic evaluation.

We are continuously involved in the definition of selection objectives. We have also a long experience in the training of doctoral students (often cofinanced by the industry) who then go on to be leaders of these organisations.

In the field of genomics, the partnership has been largely renewed with AGENAE, a Scientific Interest Group created in 2001 and bringing together INRA, CIRAD (French Center of Agricultural Research for Developing Countries) and industrial partners organized into four groups by species (ApisGene for ruminants, Cipa for fish, BioPorc for pigs, and AgenAvi for poultry). AGENAE involves its partners in the general process of guiding animal genomics research and its financing. A high proportion of projects, particularly in cattle (genomic selection, QTL characterization, trait determinism, etc.), fall within this framework and are funded by Agenae's partners or co-financed with the ANR.

GABI has been playing an important role in the characterization and management of animal genetic resources. This mission is now illustrated by the leadership in the large "Investment of the Future" project « CRB-Anim » gathering many public and private key partners and stakeholders over a large range of domestic animal species.

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